Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marital Property upon Divorce

Rule of Equitable Distribution- All Property must be distributed equally UNLESS justification is shown. The factors considered in a Justification Argument: 1.Contribution to the Marriage, 2.Contribution to the other's career/education, 3.Misconduct/Waste that depleted Marital Assets, 4.Length of the Marriage, 5.Economic Circumstances of the Parties, 6.Desirability of one spouse retaining the home to raise kids, and the 7.Desirability of one spouse retaining a particular asset (i.e. each's car).

Thursday, December 30, 2010

BPS- The Bowl Playoff Series

We know that with the powers that be, there will never be a change to the bowl system, unless of course fan interest continues to dwindle. The only hope for competitive purists is to propose a system that maintains the best parts of the bowl system, without creating too great of a strain on current football economics. What makes bowl games great? Many teams are playing for an opportunity to get better, get another win, and add a mythical “bowl” game victory to their record books. College presidents love them because they bring the school sponsorship dollars and a neutral game in a locale within reasonable travel demands for their fan base for that given year. If we mix all those components together, we can construct a vision. Imagine this BPS line-up: *8 Team Playoff, 6 BCS Automatic Qualifiers + 2 At- Large 1. Auburn 2. Oregon 3. TCU 4. Stanford 5. Wisconsin 6. Ohio State 7. Oklahoma 8. UCONN Dec. 18 #25 Hawai’i v. #26 UCF Insight Bowl Dec. 18 #23 West Virginia v. #24 Florida State Sun Bowl Dec. 22 #21 South Carolina v. #22 Miss St. Gator Bowl Dec. 23 #19 Nebraska v. #20 Utah Liberty Bowl Dec. 24 Quarterfinal-1: #1 Auburn v. #8 UCONN Capital One Dec. 24 Quarterfinal-2: #4 Stanford v. #5 Wisconsin Cotton Bowl Dec. 25 Quarterfinal-3: #2 Oregon v. #7 Oklahoma Sugar Bowl Dec. 25 Quarterfinal-4: #3 TCU v. #6 Ohio State Orange Bowl Dec. 28 #17 Alabama v. #18 Texas A&M Outback Bowl Dec. 30 #15 Oklahoma St. v. #16 Nevada Alamo Bowl Dec. 31 #13 Missouri v. #14 Virginia Tech Holiday Bowl Jan. 1 Semifinal-1: # 1 Auburn v. #4 Stanford Fiesta Bowl Jan. 1 Semifinal-2: #2 Oregon v. #3 TCU Rose Bowl Jan. 3 #11 Boise State v. #12 LSU Chick Fila Bowl Jan. 6 #9 Arkansas v. #10 Michigan State Cotton Bowl Jan. 10 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: #4 Stanford v. #3 TCU Optional Games to Pick Up: #27 Maryland v. #28 Navy Music City Bowl #29 Tulsa v. #30 Northern Illinois Humanitarian Bowl #31 Iowa v. #32 Arizona Independence Bowl #33 Notre Dame v. #34 NC State Champs Sports Bowl #35 San Diego State v. # 36 Miami (OH) Meineke Car Care Bowl #37 Air Force v. #38 South Florida Armed Forces Bowl Recommendations: Form a Committee, like in basketball to set the final schedule based on seedings and fairness to the teams and fanbases. -->Set poll voting procedures so that: - Bowl winning teams can only go up in the rankings (and can’t fall below their current ranking). - Bowl losing teams can only go down in the rankings. Conclusion: Teams would play for a Top-30 finish that would be earned on the field. -Most teams would play just one bowl game. Two teams would play 2 games, and two teams would play 3 games. -Teams continue earning “bowl victories” and “appearances”, but also play for the RIGHT to finish higher. A team’s finish would not be viewed as a ranking so much as a finish. (“We had three Top 20 finishes in the last 4 years.”) The time has come. Just imagine the games we would have seen over the last 10 years.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I remember I was driving home from the SEC tourney loss to LSU when I told my buddy, we gotta get rid of Clyde and go after somebody big. Somebody who has it all. A complete coach. After going through the short list, I knew it had to be Calipari. He was on top of his game. Both in recruiting and in the excellence with which his teams played, even with talent that was just on par with other programs. Just imagine if he could bring all that to Kentucky. Imagine the sell. Imagine the excitement there would be in the offseason. Imagine next year's roster! Then I thought about what the roster would look like if Billy G remained, and the dread that would soak the offseason. It was just a daydream, but it came true.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The So-Called Gator "Nation"

Florida fans get what they deserve. The worst fans in college sports can now watch karma dismantle their basketball team at the seams. Don't be surprised when Urban completes his remodeling of the football program in the mold of the early-2000's Miami Hurricanes.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stevenson Should Redshirt

In next year's frontcourt is Patrick Patterson, Demarcus Cousins, Daniel Orton, Matt Pilgrim, Josh Harrellson, and Darius Miller. With Calipari instituting the Dribble-Drive Motion offense, the better ballhandlers will get all the minutes. Stevenson clearly needs to put on weight and improve his footwork. A year practicing with the guys mentioned could set him up for a big senior season. A redshirt next year could get him into the draft in 2011 (think Renaldo Balkman meets Tyrus Thomas). Some guys are just late developers. Would hate to see him not be a contributor in his last season.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Big Kat!

The Big Kat.... Coach Cal Accepts!

So, I just got word that Coach Cal has accepted. Word! Never too early to start peeking at next year's roster, and depth chart. Until further word comes, I'm assuming everybody is back, and everybody is coming (both Memphis and UK recruits). I'm sure Cal will dump some guys, but it is just easier right now. PG: Wall?, Galloway, Liggins, SG: Meeks, Hood, SF: Miller, Razor, PF: Patterson, Pilgrim, Stevenson, Stewart, C: Orton?, Cousins?, Harrelson, Not to pile it on Gillispie, but look at the abundance of "huh?" players he filled the roster with. No wonder we were a "great practice team." Your starters were beating up against absolute nobodies in practice. On our roster last year: Donald Williams (may/may not have been on scholarship) Landon Slone, Matt Scherbenske, Mark Krebs, Mark Halsell, Dwight Perry, Adam Delph, Jared Carter, Michael Porter. None of these guys (save Landon Slone) should wear a Kentucky uniform. Give Dwight Perry a suit, and send the other guys down to EKU.